How To Get A ServiceNow Job

Want A ServiceNow Job? ServiceNow has exploded in popularity in recent years. What was once a not so well known IT Service Management platform has established quite the name for itself in Enterprise Software industry. …

getting a servicenow job

Want A ServiceNow Job?

ServiceNow has exploded in popularity in recent years.

What was once a not so well known IT Service Management platform has established quite the name for itself in Enterprise Software industry.

At one point just a few years ago, I wasn’t certain if we’d be able to make a permanent career just solely working in ServiceNow.

But now, due to the amount of penetration they’ve had amongst tens of thousands of customers, and still growing rapidly – ServiceNow isn’t going anywhere – that’s now apparent. Quarter over quarter they continue to beat expectations on Wall Street and become adopted by companies of all sizes.

With this growth, requires talented individuals to implement, manage and build on the ServiceNow Platform.

A ServiceNow Job can be high paying and allow you to work remotely, while continuing to develop a skill set that is incredibly in demand. It’s an excellent option for someone interested in getting into the IT Industry. You can land a ServiceNow job, with a little experience and industry understanding if you understand how to market yourself.

There are free resources to learn the platform that should be taken advantage of by anyone tryin to land a ServiceNow job.

If you’re new to the ServiceNow world, we’ll show you what types of jobs are possible and how land them.

The Types Of ServiceNow Jobs

While there are likely dozens of jobs that “can” be applied to ServiceNow, when you see the ecosystem, there are 3 obvious job “types” that come to mind.

In both of these jobs types, there are different levels that you can work with the ServiceNow Platform.

You can also obviously work “at” ServiceNow, where there are hundreds of different roles.

We’re not going to dive into work at ServiceNow today, and instead we’ll talk about the bigger picture and the more common jobs people tend to have.

Working As A Customer

This is when you work at a company that uses ServiceNow.

Job roles usually include titles like: ServiceNow Admin, ServiceNow Developer, ServiceNow CMDB Expert, ServiceNow Product Manager, etc.

There are more roles than just a ServiceNow Admin, especially at larger customers.

So ServiceNow has sold the platform at an incredibly fast rate and they need hands on resources at every single one of these customers.

Customers that have tens of thousands of employees require a large ServiceNow team to manage their environment.

Most companies have at least a couple of ServiceNow Admin/Developer roles that need to constantly be filled to manage the environment.

Working at a customer, in my opinion, is the preferred route. You get to develop long term relationships and you get to dive much deeper into the platform. When you’re working on the same application for years, you get a level of familiarity that isn’t possible when you’re jumping around as a ServiceNow partner on different deployments.

While you may get more exposure to different parts of the platform at a partner, you’re knowledge is likely to go deeper when you work in one environment for a long period of time.

This is not a hard and fast rule, but after working on both sides of the fence – I’ve always preferred working as a ServiceNow Customer.

If you’re managing a ServiceNow environment and are deciding between getting a full time employee or hiring a ServiceNow Partner – you may want to consider having someone full time on the inside that has a vested interest in the success of the platform

Working As A Consultant or ServiceNow Partner

The ServiceNow Partner ecosystem is quite vast and there are more than a hundred companies that focus on providing ServiceNow Development solutions to ServiceNow Customers.

ServiceNow Partners tend to replace the role of a ServiceNow Admin.

ServiceNow Partners can have multi-year long support contracts or they may just be there for a few months to build out a single application.

If you’re just getting started, this might be the easier of the 2 to get a job in. Most partners will hire for junior admin positions for those without a ton of experience.

Some customers that are just getting started with ServiceNow or those that can’t find a ServiceNow Admin/Developer – will start off with a consultant or partner that assists with implementation and administrative tasks.

Overtime, in my professional opinion, a ServiceNow Partner is a temporary solution. You don’t want to always have to go to a 3rd party whenever someone at your company wants something done with ServiceNow. ServiceNow can be intimidating, so sometimes IT Management will simply seek out partners for longer than they really should. I have seen this play out many times before.

Some ServiceNow Partners will also over bill you on hours, and since the IT Team doesn’t know how long things take to complete – this can be a tricky problem to solve. Partners don’t tend to have a vested interest in the long term success of a customer. Now I am not “anti” ServiceNow Partner and do believe that they serve a purpose in the industry.

It can be incredibly beneficial to a customer to have a ServiceNow Partner come in for a few months and implement a highly specialized application. If you’re implementing a brand new HR Solution or Security Incident Response, you don’t want a regular ServiceNow Admin to be in charge of the implementation.

You’d much rather have a ServiceNow Partner that specializes in this type of implementation, and has done it many times prior.

ServiceNow made the decision a long time ago to generate revenue by selling their software. While they do have a professional services/consulting department – they are happy to farm out the admin work to partners to fight over.

Working As A Freelancer

While this option is less common, it’s been increasing in popularity over the past year.

Working as a freelancer is a form of consulting.

With popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and UpWork, it’s never been easier to go off and make a living on your own accord and schedule.

On first glance, it looks like the freelance job boards mentioned are good for “one time fixes”.

As in, someone writing a difficult script, building a widget or completing an integration for you.

Take a look at either of these popular freelance job boards and you’ll see dozens of companies looking for ServiceNow Talent.

You will want to rely heavily on reviews if you go the freelance route, and you should also give anyone that you’re letting into your ServiceNow Environment a proper interview and background check.

Don’t just hire someone off of one of these sites and give them the ‘admin’ role – that could potentially be a terrible idea allowing someone external to your company full access to your data.

We don’t have a lot of experience with these freelance boards, but they’re an option and could be considered if you’re looking for ServiceNow Talent. Just make sure you properly interview and research anyone who is in your ServiceNow environment.

If you’re looking for a ServiceNow Job, consider posting your services on one of these boards. Many users have hundreds of vetted reviews with high ratings, so people are absolutely using them.

We think the job boards will continue to gain popularity and attention as remote work becomes more normalized.

Where To Find ServiceNow Jobs

Now that you better understand the ServiceNow Job ecosystem and the most common job types, you’re probably interested in where to actually find a ServiceNow Job.

Outside of our own job board, we can really only recommend one other platform – and that is LinkedIn.

Speaking from directy experience, I have landed multiple full time jobs on LinkedIn’s platform.

This is where you’re going to find the most companies and partners that are looking for ServiceNow talent.

Make sure to have your LinkedIn Profile up to date with relevant keywords to ServiceNow. This will make you look more attractive to potential future employers.

How To Prepare For A ServiceNow Job

If you’re just starting out in the ServiceNow world, consider getting familiar with the ServiceNow Developer Site.

This is an absolutely crucial space for all ServiceNow professionals to be familiar with.

If you’re not currently a ServiceNow Professional, but would like to be, you’re going to need some ServiceNow Experience.

But how are you supposed to get a ServiceNow Job, if you haven’t worked on ServiceNow before?

ServiceNow allows anyone that signs up for an account to have their own ServiceNow environment!

Create an account on the ServiceNow Developer site and request a Personal Developer Instance here.

In most industries, the thoughest thing for someone just starting off is getting experience. ServiceNow sort of removes that obstacle by allowing anyone to have a ServiceNow Environment.

Keep in mind that the Personal Developer Instances will be released back to the pool after 10 days of inactivity. That just ensures that the environments they give out are being used by people. So if you haven’t done it yet, go and sign up for an account.

ServiceNow gives you the tools to become successful. If you’re a highly motivated individual, you can land a ServiceNow job using 100% free resources found on the internet. You just need to know where to look for them and how to use them to your advantage.

You can build your own applications and then you have a little bit of direct and hands on ServiceNow Experience.

Also consider signing up for an account on the ServiceNow Community.

This is a great place to go and ask questions. If you’re stuck with a script of building something out, there’s a good chance that someone there can answer your question.

Let us know below where you may be in your ServiceNow Journey.

Good luck on the job search!

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