How To Learn ServiceNow, From Books

Reading books is a critical component in advancing your career as a ServiceNow developer. By investing time in reading and learning from experts in the field, you can gain a deeper understanding of the ServiceNow platform, its features, and best practices for development. This knowledge can give you an edge over other professionals who are trying to excel in ServiceNow development.

Additionally, books provide practical examples, case studies, and insights from experts who have years of experience in the industry. This practical knowledge can be applied to real-world development scenarios, making you a more well-rounded and effective developer.

How To Learn JavaScript, In ServiceNow

In order to succeed in a ServiceNow role, you first need to have an incredibly solid grasp on the JavaScript language.

Too many people land a ServiceNow role, and don’t understand how absolutely crucial having a solid understanding of JavaScript is.

ServiceNow has their own variant of JavaScript, but if you read this book – you’ll have a leg up on other ServiceNow professionals.

JavaScript is a crucial programming language for developing on the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow uses JavaScript for client-side scripting, which allows for the creation of custom user interfaces, form validations, and various other interactive elements on the platform.

Understanding JavaScript enables a developer to create more dynamic and interactive solutions on ServiceNow, providing a better user experience for end-users.

Additionally, knowledge of JavaScript can also help in creating custom business logic and integrating with external systems, as ServiceNow supports JavaScript for server-side scripting as well. Thus, having a solid understanding of JavaScript is essential for maximizing the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform and delivering powerful, effective solutions.

In the Tokyo version of ServiceNow, they’re moving to ES2021 components in scoped applications, meaning there is now a bridge to allowing ES6 in ServiceNow.

You can buy the below book on JavaScript below on here.

Learn ServiceNow with The Witch Doctor’s Guide To ServiceNow

There are surprisingly only a few ServiceNow books out on Amazon, to date.

This book linked below, has the best reviews, by far. So we’re going to link to it below.

Reading books about ServiceNow development is important for several reasons. First, books provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ServiceNow platform and its features, which can be beneficial for new developers and those looking to expand their knowledge. Books also provide a structured learning experience, covering key concepts and techniques, and can serve as a reference guide while developing on ServiceNow.

Second, books often include practical examples and case studies, which can provide valuable insights into real-world scenarios and help developers understand how to apply the concepts they learn to solve practical problems. This can be particularly useful in developing custom solutions on the ServiceNow platform.

You can buy this book, to get a better grasp on how to dive into a ServiceNow Admin or Developer role.

Learn ITIL v4, To Enhance Your ServiceNow Career

In my opinion, the ITIL framework gets a really bad reputation, especially as it relates to ServiceNow.

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework provides a set of best practices for managing IT services. Understanding the ITIL framework is important for developing on the ServiceNow platform as it provides a comprehensive and standardized approach to IT service management, which is integrated into the ServiceNow platform.

By familiarizing oneself with ITIL, a developer can ensure that the solutions they build on ServiceNow align with industry standards and best practices, resulting in more efficient and effective IT service delivery.

Additionally, ITIL provides a common language and structure that can improve communication and collaboration within the IT organization.

You can buy the ITIL v4 Foundations book on Amazon here.

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