The Top ServiceNow Influencers To Follow (Twitter & YouTube)

Looking for some opinions from ServiceNow rockstars? It’s tough to be in the limelight of social media and publish your opinions on ServiceNow. You’re likely going to have a few people disagree with you. Also, …

people to follow in servicenow social media

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Looking for some opinions from ServiceNow rockstars?

It’s tough to be in the limelight of social media and publish your opinions on ServiceNow. You’re likely going to have a few people disagree with you.

Also, should we refer to them as ServiceNow Influencers? Is that even a thing?! Well, we think so. As the below people/teams are absolutely shaping the way that we see the platform.

Check out the following people that we like to follow on Social Media, that we think are well regarded and intelligent (and worth following).

It’s super important to expose yourself to knowledge in ServiceNow from people in the community. We’ve thrown together a list of who we think you should start following.

This list is not meant to exclude anyone who you also may think is a top ServiceNow influencer, we’d love for you to comment below if you think we did leave someone out.

If you’re just getting started in ServiceNow, check out our post on how to get a ServiceNow Job.

1. ServiceNow Dev Program (YouTube)

If you’re not following the ServiceNow Dev Program on YouTube yet, you’re absolutely missing out.

This is a group of 5 or so ServiceNow Evangelists that host this channel. They are constantly pumping out super high quality content.

They’re the only team that I’m aware of that has a high output in a video form.

There are a good amount of YouTube creators that cover ServiceNow, but no one has the industry and technical knowledge that this group has.

They frequently have ServiceNow guests come on the show and are just all around, a great group of people.

They even do fun live Coding Happy Hours,

I personally really like the Builder Series which frequently showcases Chuck Tomasi.

2. Pradeep Sharma (Twitter)

Pradeep Sharma (@sharma_pradeep) is an OG in the ServiceNow Community site.

He’s been active in ServiceNow for years and is frequently providing extremely solid answers to questions posed by ServiceNow Community members.

Pradeep has a reputation for putting out consistently high quality ServiceNow content. He mostly sticks to answering Community questions on the ServiceNow Community site.

Here’s a link from 2020 where Pradeep sort of introduces himself on the ServiceNow Community site.

He’s got a ton of great responses and is definitely super technical.

Go check out Pradeep, I’ve never met him before – but he is constantly helping out people (for free) on the ServiceNow Community site.

3. ServiceNow Guru (Website & Twitter)

ServiceNow Guru has been around the ServiceNow world for as long as I can remember. I initially started my ServiceNow career in 2012 and even back then, SNC Guru was one of the go-to places for ServiceNow help.

At the time, they were one of the only blogs for ServiceNow.

Back then, all we had was ServiceNow Documentation & Community, some fringe blogs that were unreliable, and SNC Guru.

In the early days, I even know a lot of consultants at ServiceNow that would rely on the content here.

The content has been a little less consistent in recent years, but they still do frequently show up super high on Google searches for a ton of ServiceNow related questions.

SNC Guru has been pretty quiet on Social Media later, mostly Twitter.

We’re hoping that they’ll start to pick up some steam going into 2022 here.

4. Brad Tilton (Twitter)

Brad Tilton is one of the first people that I think of when I think of the ServiceNow Community.

He has provided the ServiceNow Community with an insane amount of help.

He has a bunch of Community Posts where it is abundantly clear that he knows exactly what he is doing with ServiceNow.

He provides a lot of development and scripting advice and when you google many ServiceNow scripting problems, his Community posts are some of the first to show up.

This is another person that I have never met before, but hope to connect with maybe at a Knowledge Conference down the road.

5. Chuck Tomasi (Twitter)

Last but not least, we’ve got Chuck Tomasi.

Chuck is another long time ServiceNow resource is and is one of the co-hosts on the ServiceNow Dev Program on YouTube.

Chuck refers to himself as the following on Twitter: Dad, husband, IT geek, podcaster, black belt, author, volunteer

Chuck has proven himself to be a super passionate advocate for the ServiceNow platform.

I believe Chuck is also a co-host on the popular ServiceNow Techbytes Podcast.

He is also, a very frequent contributor in the ServiceNow Community.

Who Are We Missing?

Is there anyone in the ServiceNow world that you think we’re missing?

This was just an initial brainstorm, so it was pretty off the cuff, of who I thought you should follow in ServiceNow.

I can promise that if you follow all of these resources, then you’ll be well on your path to becoming a better ServiceNow Professional.

Feel free to drop a comment below and we’ll modify the list!

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